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And now, Bob Picardo playing a guitar in the Captain’s Chair of Voyager’s bridge.
Buddy shot of Kes and The Doctor.  Purchased directly from actor Robert Picardo in 2002.  One of the best methods of buying an autograph of someone not present; buying them from their former cast mate whose splitting the proceeds of such sales with the actor who pre-signed. 
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The Doctor and Seven made a good duo, and could have made a cute couple if the idiots that be (substituted for the powers that be) hadn’t decided to repeat one of the worst 11th-hour mistakes of The Next Generation with a half-assed last-minute badly-conceived romance between two characters who had the romantic chemistry of a cardboard box and a refrigerator magnet.  You can take your pick of which particular coupling I’m referring too… Worf and Troi or Seven and Chakotay… or both…
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The third time I met Bob Picardo, it was at a much smaller venue and so I folks could take a little more time, and I decided to be bold and ask for a very specific inscription.  It was one of the first times I’ve ever requested such a thing.  :)  Turned out well, I’d say…
My ultimate inscribed autograph would be if I could get Leonard Nimoy to sign “live long and prosper” but I doubt such will ever occur.  Especially what with his retirement from conventions.  I’ve met him twice, luckily.  Neither time afforded an oppurtunity for such a request though.
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