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Not sure of my opinion on the new outfit.  But for some food for thought, here’s a juxtaposition with the atrocious one David E. Kelley had on his awful pilot for NBC from a few years ago. 

Someone with considerable followers and/or power on Twitter needs to start a hashtag trend to get DC to release the BvS: DoJ teaser in high-def on-line.  Cause only seeing that in low-quality shaky-cam from an odd angle is just unacceptable.  And they usually do not release such comic-con things on-line.  So we need some social media pressure to get that shit out of the WB/DC vault.  Just saying.

I just saw this, and felt that I had to share this new Superman statue with everyone.  And yes, it’s a real statue available for purchase.  Superman: The Man of Steel Statue (Gary Frank) from DC Collectibles.

Is this a first glimpse at a prototype of Henry Cavill’s Superman suit from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”? Not much change that we can see here, the material looks different and the “S” looks bigger and smoother. Reminds me of the Alex Ross style “S” which is bigger across the chest and onto the top of the stomach. Overall, if this is the new suit, (obviously minus the colour) I’m happy. The “S” shield looks awesome.

The cape and neck area are different, the hip area lacks the pseudo-belt as well…