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Watching TOS on Netflix, “A private little war” and the episode is off center. Not a little bit either, its almost totally on the left side of the screen.

Also the wigs in this episode are awful.

so just what the fuck is this meant to be? an alien? did TOS have a budget of £100 or somethin?
And I’ve still got that wonderfully realistic fight scene with Kirk and that big vicious rock throwing alien coming up.. :P

This particular alien was from “The Cage” - trek’s first pilot - which was filmed in 1964 and… yeah.  1964.  You know?  This dude was only on-screen for a few minutes of fighting, so he wasn’t much of a priority at the time.  Not that they had the money to do much more anyway, lol.


Okay, now they’re doing a nazi episode.


You know, I don’t think TNG or DS9 ever did a Nazi episode. Voyager and Enterprise did, though…