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Had a weird dream…

For some reason I was in a generic retail store with Patrick Stewart, who wanted my advice on buying a new bath robe.  Then his shopping cart bumped into another one, and it was Jamie Lee Curtis, who I also knew, and she was in awe to meet Patrick Stewart.  But Patrick Stewart was being really flaky and kind of snubbing her and so I was all apologetic to Jamie Lee because he normally didn’t act like that.  But he was acting like that more because he was high on something than anything else.  Then we (me and Patrick Stewart) went to have breakfast in the lobby of his hotel with Levar Burton, Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn.  And I paid for Dorn’s stuff while Patrick paid for Frakes and Burton.  And we ate hamburgers for breakfast.

So yeah…



Jefferies Tube!
100% my favorite set piece hands down.


So I’ve been putting this off for a while now, I’m not really sure why, but… I guess it’s time to just ask: is there anyone out there whom would be interested and have the time to take over operation of the Deep Space 9 and Voyager confessions blog?

Long story short, I haven’t had the time to attend to said blog (which I began) in a while.  A big chunk of why is that I’m handling things here solo; have been for over 3 months now.  Much to my surprise, lol.

The confessions blog still has a bunch of confessions needing to be made up, and I imagine when they get posted, they’ll elicit more.  I was only posting about 2 a day, so it’s not an intensive gig that will need much time from anyone.  It just needs a little time from someone, and I’m maxed out.

I’m hoping that out of nearly 12,000 trekkies who follow this blog, there’s some loyal Niner+Voyager out there who has the needed (basic) skills, a little time, and a lot of love.

If you think that’s you… drop me a message!  :)

(via ds9vgrconfessions)

Likely because he wasn’t just a stalwart brain-washed Federation-hater.  He began as such; like oh so many Romulans.  But then over the course of an episode, as he was forced to work with Geordi, he started to realize , even if begrudgingly, that maybe the nonsense he’s been spoon-fed since birth about how the Federation is evil and Humans are bad maybe wasn’t so spot-on fair and balanced unbiased opinion as it was carefully crafted paranoid bullshit designed by those in power to keep themselves there and to keep the people afraid and obedient.  Which if you’re paying attention, we’ve got a few examples of in our real world right now… quite a few indeed…