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[I wish Voyager had gotten to have a series of final episodes like DS9 did, and in those episodes they got home a few episodes before the finale and we got some real closure before a refit and refreshed crew returned to duty and sailed off back into the unknown together.]

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[The way Voyager ended filming with no pomp or fanfare just Kate on the bridge at 2 AM doing re-shoots and then the teamsters rushing in to dismantle the set makes me so sad. Voyager’s cast deserved far better! Makes me glad UPN went under!]
How does the Star Trek Eaglemoss collection work? I was looking at their site and was a bit confused. After the first one, is it 19.95 for each ship and shipping for each? Or 19.95 for both and shipping for each?


Each ship is $19.95.  They ship two at a time.  So $40 a month.  Not sure if there is any shipping charge on them if you subscribe.  The number I most remember seeing is $39 and change each month.

And with specials like DS9 and such, those can cost extra too.  Some of the specials are subscribe only, like they’ll be doing a big Borg Cube and the “All Good Things” Enterprise-D.  You can also just pick and choose ships you want if you can find a vendor (on-line or in reality) that carries them.  Look at any of the on-line genre retailers and you should be able to find them. 

It’s not a flawless process yet, either.  I know some folks have had delays getting their ships.  I’ve been fortunate to have gotten mine on time thus far, knock on wood.  But this is a big new project for that company, and no one else has ever done anything like this, and they’re doing some ships that have never gotten to be in physical form yet.  So it’s worth enduring their growing pains, IMHO.

If all goes well and the ships keep selling well they’re likely to make upwards of 60-80 ships.  And for the most part those will be ships we’ve never, ever gotten in a physical format before.  No triple-dipping for the 1701, or a Klingon Battle Cruiser.  They’re making the ultra rare ships.  Akira-Class, Krenim Time Ship, Dominion Battle Cruiser, Borg Sphere, so on and so forth. 

Also, Drizzle enjoys tiny starship day because it means a new box for him.  :P

This month’s shipment of tiny starships came today.  Love me some tiny starships.  This month was also DS9.  It’s so neat!    I’d take pictures but my camera isn’t good enough (one of the only draw backs of the kindle).  Can’t wait until we get to the rare, not previously made ships.  But DS9 is nice because they don’t make a lot of stuff for it.