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Allow me to nerd out a bit and say this is my favorite scene in the movie. It’s heartbreaking when you see the T-800 get destroyed trying to carry out his mission. You know that even though he’s programmed to protect the Connors, at this point he wants to protect them.
And two minutes later when he reboots and pulls the giant spike out of himself, you can hear the metals screech in high pitches as they scrape against each other. Combined with the music, it gives off such an amazing affect. Every screech evokes some kind of emotion. You can feel the T-800’s frustration and disappointment in itself for blacking out. You can feel how determined he is to not give up. He’s a machine, but he’s also become so much more.

Not sure if you’ve seen the extended edition or not, or if such was covered in theatrical (it’s been sooo long since I watched the theatrical version, cause extended is so exquisite!) but anywho extended adds more reason for why he is so much more, in that they turned on his ability to learn on his CPU chip when they where at the garage just following the escape from Pescadaro mental hospital.  So with such done, he had been learning and growing from then on and become much more than a machine.  His mission as programmed was beside the point by then; he wanted to do such more than he was required to.