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And I think that’s pretty much it for “frontier facts” as a regular thing.  Had a hell of a time coming up with the last crop, and 50 is a good round number to stop at.
Thoughts, questions, comments?
I say “one of” because over the 7 seasons of TNG, there where 32 captain’s chairs.  That said, I also got to sit in 1 of Riker and 1 of Troi’s chairs, stand at Worf’s tactical display, see the big Main Engineering MSMD, stand at O’Brien’s transporter panel, and sit in a desk chair behind a random desk (like Guinan’s in “Q-Who”) - next to Picard’s fish tank.  :P
I would have stayed there all day but it was a tour group…:P
Who’s jealous?
I know for West Coasters, this is like “pff, who cares?” and such, but for us life-long east coasters, experiencing that one quake is rare.  So to have two under my belt makes me like, an ‘expert’ or something for the other east coasters.  :P
How many quakes have you experienced?
What was your first episode of Star Trek?
Considering how much I dislike my first name, you would think I would do like a lot of people in such a scenario and use my middle name.  May dad did this; ironically, his middle name was Doug, but he liked it better than his first name which was Roland (can’t say I blame him) - but I don’t feel Ryan fits me really at all.  Not even a little bit.  And while I don’t like Doug, it does somewhat fit me. At least, more so than my middle name…
I wish we all got to choose our own names when we turned 18.
What’s your middle name?
Which is your favorite?
I like dogs fine; cats are just way cooler. :P
Which are you?
I have a lot of weird food habits… a lot.
It can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes.  Often, actually.
Questions, Comments?
What about you?  Favorite films?
Anyone do anything ‘weird’ with their food?
Sharing the first half of this only so the second half makes sense.
It’s been more than 15 years since such for me, so it’s not exactly something that I ‘live with’ on a daily basis like I used to.
But yeah, I just… I can’t say “I’m sorry” to anyone in that context.  I just can’t.  Logically, I understand that it’s saying someone is sorry for your loss, but… it’s so meaningless to me, so empty and serves no purpose other than to be the only applicable response to “someone died” and… I just can’t bring myself to say it.  
In recent years, the ever-increasing Orwellian nonsense called ‘security’ at the airports though has gotten me to the point where I would not fly even if I wanted to.  It’s just too damn far down the rabbit-hole of insanity.  We’ve sacrificed enough of our freedoms and civil liberties and personal identities and our privacy as it is.  Enough is enough.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions?
I know some will disagree, but frankly?  He’s just too freaking weird for me.  And I can handle my share of weirdness!  But Burton?  He goes too far.  Too gross, too outlandish, too beyond the realm of reason for me.  And because he’s achieved a certain level of fame and cult following for this?  No one challenges him any longer.  No one tells him to tone it down.
Back in 1992, with “Batman Returns” there was a great deal of upset over how grotesque he made the Penguin in that film, and though at the time I liked the film, I’ve got to agree with that 1992 sentiment that it was too much, too far, especially for the 7-8 year old boys like myself who would very much want to see such film.  It’s why he didn’t do a third Batman film.
I’ve seen a lot of his movies, and I liked them when I was younger, but since I’ve grown up?  I find him/his films just… unpalatable. 
Anyone else?
I had seen them once when I was 12 or so on VHS.  I may have seen them on TV before that, maybe?  I do not remember.  But I just was not really that impressed?  Then I got into Star Trek at about the same time, and it absorbed me.
When they where out for their 20th, I didn’t go see them in theaters and now I wish I had, but I wasn’t into it then.
As I became more of a Trekkie, I kind of resented Star Wars for the praise it received.  After all, it was just 3 movies.  How could it compare to the awesome vast Star Trek franchise?
To some extent, I still ask that; but I also understand that Star Wars changed things back in the day.  It even effected Star Trek, because the reason TPTB decided not to do a second Star Trek series on a 1978 version of UPN that would have starred everyone except for Spock, was they saw the financial success of Star Wars and wanted such (amongst the other reasons not to launch a 4th broadcast network in the late 70s).
I saw the prequels when they came out, as they where an ‘event’ and everyone did… though I may have skipped AOTC in theaters?  I don’t remember.
Anyway, loving FPS games courtesy of Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force (favorite video game of all time, I think - it got my started on gaming really) when I needed something new, I tried out a Jedi Knights game that came out in 2002, and found a little more depth in Star Wars than I’d remembered.  So I re-watched the original trilogy and enjoyed them.
The original films are good; but I think the prequels suffer from so many problems… ugh.  I’ve seen a few episodes of Clone Wars through my nephew, but it’s not my cup of tea.  I’ll be curious about this live action series they’ve spoken about since 2005, if it ever is made.  Though I think if they where smart, they’d make it about Vader.  Everyone loves Vader.  Show us the horrible things he did between III ad IV!