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Ugh, it’s called the internet. Frakking use it! Google “Why did they kill Billy on Battlestar Galactica” and one of the first things is Wikipedia and the FIRST PARAGRAPH ends with “Paul Campbell has said that his character was killed because he had been unwilling to commit to a five-year contract.”Argh!


I just read something about Universal planning a BSG reboot movie. Either we get more of the same BSG or no BSG at all. Nobody lays a finger on my favorite show. 



Hollywood is doing what it does though.

Successfully reboot something.  It runs its course.  Wait a few years.  Reboot it again.

If you thought the past 10-15 years of first-round reboots was bad?  Just wait.  Now they’re beginning the second and third rounds.  Where they reboot a rebooted property that’s been rebooted already.

This new movie will have nothing to do with the great 2003-2009 show.

It will not be a continuation of the 1978 camp-fest.

It’s going to be a reboot in the vein of all the superheroes, of Star Trek 2009, of 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  It’s going to pick-and-choose which elements it wants and be otherwise unrelated.

IF it happens.

Thankfully they said they where doing this 2-3 years ago, and it never came about either.  So take this “announcement” with a basestar sized grain of salt, too.

I don’t want another reboot of BSG, personally, though.


Everytime I watch Daybreak and Roslin comes onscreen (whilst on the Galactica) I want to:

a) punch myself in the face

b) drown in feels

what is this 



In the miniseries, they pronounce it “Lt. GUY-ta”  in the series, they pronounce it, “GAY-ta”; it is a bit jarring.

As I recall, only Tigh said it Guy-ta, and I think only once or twice. But it was a little odd. Then again the ships corridors are narrow in mini and wide in series. They adjust some stuff from pilot to series in every show.

Yeah it was blown to bits.  Still, it does beg the question why they didn’t build another or try skinning an existing Viper with the same material.  Stealth Vipers would have been damn helpful…



I think the words you’re looking for are Battlefeelz Galactcry…



Unpopular Opinion:

I’m not overly thrilled by the music The Walking Dead. Especially knowing the composer’s other work (the recent Battlestar Galactica). Mind you I’m not claiming to be some kind of musical connoisseur, I just wish TWD’s music lived up to Bear McCreary’s reputation.

I’ve got to confess; Bear really shines in BSG and does the best music I’ve ever heard attached to television in the history of EVER.  But beyond it?  He’s far too restrained back to the same mundane standards of 99.9% of other composers. 

I’m a score and soundtrack man.  It’s my main type of music.  I guess because I can visually connect it to imagery that provokes a response of remembering said scene and said emotions then?  It’s also because I don’t like lyrics, frankly.  I think they can be alright, but I also think we put too much emphasis on them in music.  I know, that’s a super unpopular “are you crazy?” opinion that I’m alone on. 

Anyway my point in mentioning that I’m totally all about scores/soundtracks is that… the fact that next to none of the Walking Dead score, despite being from Bear, has stood out to me as excellent and evocative?  It says he’s been handicapped by traditional producers who want traditional fair that barely registers. 

BSG… well, they wanted to stand out.  Ron Moore spent a giant chunk of his career on modern Star Trek, and after about 1990, a lot of the music there suffered.  It was tough for a composer to make a dent, to stand out, to have a score go noticed, because Berman was top dog and he didn’t care, so he didn’t put money into it, so composers just phone in a lot of it.  RDM hated that and so specifically went after truly dynamic music with BSG.  He did a lot of great things with BSG specifically to be contrary to what he had done or been told to do on Star Trek.