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My director Christopher Nolan autograph.  Such a great picture while filming “The Dark Knight” with the bat signal in the background.
    One website reports that when The Dark Knight Rises hits Blu-ray later this year, it’ll feature a “director’s cut” which will include not only Bane’s origin (something costume designer Lindy Hemming confirmed was shot) but other deleted scenes edited back into the film, including some with Ra’s Al Ghul.
Just Saw “The Dark Knight Rises” for a 2nd Time

I liked it even more the second time.  I tend to like films more on second viewing, because I know exactly what will happen and thus can enjoy the experience more.  Where as with the first time, I am anxious to focus on such and pay attention to ensure I do not miss anything.  I guess it’s why I like spoilers, but even knowing what will happen - as I did with the first time I saw it midnight Friday - it’s not the same as having seen it.

Below are the big key notes of geeky interest if anyone feels like knowing, along with my thoughts on them.  Obviously, major spoilerage below…


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