If You Can Appreciate Those Things Referenced Above, I Think You'll Appreciate this Blog. For a more complete list of Those Things Without Which I Feel Life Would Not Be Worth Living, check out the fandoms link at the top of the index. The only things I post that aren't fandoms or referenced above are things I find amusing, silly, or otherwise enjoyable.

I'm a deliberate blogger who relies on his queue to maintain a steady and balanced offering. I often don't post more than a dozen or so items each day. If I re-blog something, I truly find it worthy of sharing and I hope you'll feel likewise. This can make my posts blend in or get lost in your dashboard, but I prefer it to assaulting you with a stream of spam.

Make sure to take a look at the top links for a quick "Get to Know Me" -- and if you really want to explore a wealth of epic content, then go through my Archive which goes all the way back to the end of August 2011 without interruption.

In Addition to This Blog, which is my primary, I also co-run three others. One of them being the top Star Trek blog on Tumblr, Star Trek GIFs. I also founded and serve as editor for the DS9+VGR Confessions blog and co-run one of the only active Terminator blogs on Tumblr. Finally, I'm on staff at the largest fan-run Star Trek site, TrekCore.com, where amongst other things I've helped flood the web with a multitude of rare and behind the scene photos.

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